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"Coming Together" Exhibit


Interested in seeing some of our archival and special collections materials? Wil Brant, one of our phenomenal volunteers, has helped us move, rearrange special collections, and now has crafted an exhibit that we are so proud of! Borrowing from the curator's statement,

"Various items from our collection have been brought together for a reopening exhibit. In certain ways, these represent a random selection of items from the collections of Gerber/Hart Library and Archives. Yet these items do represent and present the bringing together of individuals around issues related to sexual orientation. These individuals, in bringing themselves together, formed groups, established a sense of community, and responded to social, political, and health concerns, and just wanting to live their lives to the fullest of who they are."

Thank you for all of your continued hard work, Wil! We highly encourage everyone to come in and see this wonderful display of local and national history.


Sapiosexuals Unite!


Gerber/Hart Library and Archives marched in the Pride Parade on Sunday, June 29. We want to thank all of the amazing folks who joined us and helped make it such a successful year. Our theme was "sapiosexual." In addition to wearing the t-shirts seen above, we also handed out stickers with the word. Curious about what that means? You are definitely not alone! It is actually a made-up word defined by as, "One who finds intelligence the most sexually attractive feature." Between people asking what sapiosexual meant and chanting "Read Queer Books" as we walked by, it was a great day for celebrating our pride with Chicago's LGBT community.

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This page was last updated July 14, 2014.