Gerber/Hart will host the closing of our current exhibit on 1990s queer activism in Chicago, Q: Activism at the Margins of Identity, on Saturday, August 14 at 6:00 p.m. View the exhibit starting at 6:00 p.m. and join curators James Conley, Kurt Conley, Chase Ollis, Veronica Rodriguez, and Whit SaduskyContinue Reading

Donna Reed will joining Sylvester and Gloria Swanson in Gerber/Hart’s collection of LeeK’s bubbleheads. If you have or know of a bubblehead that might want to join them, please contact Gerber/Hart.Continue Reading

Two more rows of double-faced shelves have been added for the ever growing circulating collection. The 120 additional shelves will provide ample space for a number of years.Continue Reading

A new online exhibit platform has been initiated. It currently has three exhibits: Chicago Lesbian and Gay History 1924-1978, Queer Zines, and Merchandise Catalogs. The platform can be accessed at or by clicking the “Online Exhibits” button in the above.Continue Reading

The exhibit displays comics from a span of nearly 50 years, examining three themes in particular: style and identity, AIDS, and anger. The exhibit includes work from cartoonists like Alison Bechdel and Howard Cruse, as well as comics produced by government agencies and mainstream publishers. The exhibit is on displayContinue Reading