Barbie Exhibition Survey: A Call for Community Input

How excited are you for the new Barbie movie? I know we can’t wait! In fact, we’re so excited that two of our volunteers, Olivia and Steven, are currently working on a temporary exhibition and accompanying zine to be revealed in July just in time for the movie!

But we need your help! Olivia and Steven are currently gathering stories and anecdotes from Chicago LGBTQ+ community members about their experiences with Barbies, dolls, and action figures.

Add your thoughts HERE!

Were your American Girl dolls in a messy lesbian love triangle? Was trying to fit Ken’s clothes on Barbie a precursor to experimenting with gender norms as you got older? Did you want to play with GI Joes and action figures but discouraged from doing so because they were “boys’ toys”? Are you a parent or caretaker who loves using dolls to defy gender norms and family dynamics with the kids in your care? We’d love to hear your anecdotes, memories, and personal stories about the relationship between play and understanding your gender identity and sexuality!

Olivia and Steven are also hoping to gather dolls, action figures, and other dollhouse-related ephemera for our display in the library. These items would just be on temporary loan to Gerber/Hart and not altered or changed in any way.

Add your thoughts to the survey here.

We can’t wait to hear from you!